Heart attacks can be prevented with early diagnosis!

With the CARDIO-CT examination the heart can be imaged like a photograph in three dimensions in no more than a few minutes, so you can see the condition of your coronary arteries for yourself.

Cardio-CTIn the case of patients without symptoms the examination can identify the initial stages of coronary artery disease, thereby providing the opportunity to prevent heart attacks and sudden cardiac death. Treatment and changes in lifestyle can be initiated in time. If it is confirmed that the coronary arteries are healthy, it frees the patient from unnecessary further examinations, as well as the medical and financial burdens of unwarranted treatments. The examination is completely painless and causes no discomfort. There is no need for further examinations.

It does not require a hospital stay. The result provides an essential basis for the doctor’s selection of the most appropriate therapy.

In the case of negative results, the patient can be sure that they do not have coronary artery disease!

The fee of Cardio-CT examination is 540 EUR
Please note that the fee must be transferred to Pozitron Diagnostics PET/CT Centre’s bank account at least 3 days before the examination is performed.

The fee includes:

Prior assessment of condition and individual professional consultation

After requesting an appointment examination without waiting

The Cardio-CT images written to a personalised DVD
Cardio-CTThe medical finding will be ready within 3 working days in Hungarian language. On request we can translate it to English language. The fee of it is 35 EUROs which also has to be pay by bank transfer together with the examination fee. The translation is ready in 3 more working days. The file containing the report and the CD can be picked up personally or by your representative at the Center, or we can mail them to a given address upon request.

Methods of payment:

By transfer to Pozitron-Diagnosztika Kft. bank account nr:

IBAN: HU12 1091 8001 0000 0052 8387 0016
Bank address: UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.,
H-1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 5-6.

Indications of Cardio-CT Scan

– Chest complaints along with low or medium cardiovascular risk
– An exercise examination that cannot be evaluated or is not diagnostic.
– Contradictory results from non-invasive examinations.
– An ischemia provocation exam may not be performed.

• Suspicion of coronary anomalies.
• In the case of complex congenital disease damage with a need for the precise mapping of complicated abnormalities of the chambers, coronaries or valves.
• Clarification of the etiology of new heart failures.
• Mapping of anatomical conditions before electrophyisiological procedures (biventricular pacemaker, atrial fibrillation ablation treatment).
• Planning of repeated heart surgery.
• In case of the suspicion of pathology in the cardiac chambers or pericardium, if high quality TEE or MRI examinations cannot be performed.
• In the case of an unsuccessful or contraindicated invasive coronary angiography.
• Acute chest pain, medium cardiovascular risk and negative EKG and biomarkers.

Informed Consent Form for Cardio-CT examination


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