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Pozitron-Diagnostic Centre

The Pozitron-Diagnosztika Health Centre offers patients its state of the art services in Budapest’s 11th district, Újbuda, in a hospitable 4-storey, 2100 m2 building.

About the CentrePozitron-Diagnosztika Health Centre was established as an oncological and cardiological diagnostic institute designed to fit into the health care system. In addition to the complex activities which are necessary for diagnostic procedures the Centre also organises scientific symposiums.

The professional background is represented at the Centre by full-time nuclear medicine specialists, radiologists and cardiologists.

The Pozitron-Diagnosztika Health Centre is particularly unique by its medical devices and its medical services.

The GE Discovery IQ 5 PET/CT equipment is the first device of its kind to appear in the Hungarian health care system. It gives the Centre the highest level facility completed with its own closed technological chain. As the of result of this uniqueness, the Centre receives patients from over the country.

The Centre on a daily bases manufactures the isotope for the PET/CT examinations.

About the CentreIn our cardiological out-patient clinic we have, in addition to the state of the art Somatom Definitiona Dual Source CT, a treadmill exercise EKG apparatus, Holter and ABP monitors, as well as an echocardiogram device.

With all of these instruments we have the opportunity for a full range of examinations.

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1117 Budapest, Hunyadi János út 9-11.
+36 1 505-8888
On weekdays from 8.00 am. to 18.00 pm.

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